Essay on Cow in English

The Cow is the most lovable domestic animal. It gives us healthy and sweet milk which is full of protein and other important nutrition for our body.

Her milk helps us to produce yogurt (Dahi),  buttermilk (lassi), and butter (Makhan) which is the which provides us important protein which keeps us healthy. she is very useful for us even after death, her skin is used to make leather bags, shoes, and other items.
There is a huge diaries industry in India that mostly relies on cow milk. You can see there are big cow forms in cities they sell cow milk and villagers also sell cow milk to fulfill their living needs.
The cow eats grass and she loves to eat fresh grass in the open air it is good to see a cow in a flock in beautiful meadows.

The Cow is a holy domestic animal for Hindu Religion. A very humble, loyal and gentle animal. loves its guardian and can feel the pain of his guardian. Gives milk even if it is hungry. In other words, Mother Cow is a true gift of God.
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